Telecommunication Services

Hydro Make Ready Program

In 2016, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) declared broadband internet access an essential service in Canada. The Federal and Provincial Governments are investing in rural high-speed internet to make it accessible for everyone.  Telecom companies are currently overhauling their system to install a large mesh fiber network.

K-Line’s telecommunication division, known as K-Comm®, undertakes the installation and upgrading of telecommunication infrastructure on existing and new poles on behalf of telecommunication entities and utilities. This work is often performed in close proximity to live line utility infrastructure and requires the expertise of power line technicians.

K-Comm® among other things, performs the make-ready work for joint use attachments on poles where our clients have requested to attach fiber optic cables.
This make-ready work includes, but is not limited to

The work involves roadside and off-road locations which require specialized transportation equipment for access to construct.

With collaborative working and improved project planning, providing innovation leading to cost-effective design and construction methods, and proactive risk identification, allocation, and management. 

  • Clear the designated site(s) of any obstacles or existing structures that may interfere with the infrastructure.
  • Prepare the site(s) for construction, including leveling the ground, if required.
  • Install support structures such as towers and poles, depending on the type of infrastructure (e.g., wireless or wired).
  • Install the steel messenger and lash the fiber optic cable to the messenger.
Implement upgrades and expansions as needed to accommodate increased capacity, new technologies, or changing user demands.

K-Comm® executes the installation and upgrades for our clients working in collaboration with various stakeholders, including telecommunication service providers, equipment vendors, contractors, and regulatory bodies. The process can be complex and time-consuming, requiring meticulous planning, coordination, and adherence to safety standards and industry best practices. Let K-Comm® take the stress away.

Double Pole Removal Program

In response to customer demand in Ontario, K-Line rose to the challenge and created a hybrid resource capable of completing powerline and communication transfers in a single truck-roll.

As a result of multiple maintenance programs, our Local Distribution Companies face a large quantity of pole replacements along with the existing resultant salvage poles being left behind, pending communications transfers. K-Comm® crews are working with all stakeholders to remove this backlog of joint-use transfers and stub poles. This approach reduces the risk and the hazards of end-of-life poles in the system for our clients and the public.

The “Big Win” is removing the obstacles for construction crews when one truck is authorized to complete all joint use transfers and the required powerline work…. A true “one-stop-shop”!

The K-Comm® team has transferred and removed thousands of double poles in various locations around Ontario in the last year alone. This was only possible due to a collaborative team effort, cost sharing, and the willingness to pioneer a solution to a current obstacle among a key group of infrastructure owners.

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