Power Services

The Power Service Division of The K‑Line Group of Companies specializes in the cleaning, maintenance and painting of live electrical apparatus.

Virtually all ceramic (porcelain and glass) insulators as well as some polymer insulators (e.g. EPDM) or insulator coatings require regular cleaning and maintenance when exposed to severe environmental conditions.

While insulators are designed to survive external elements such as fog, mist or rain, some elements create a conductive film on the surface of dirty insulators. This results in abnormal leakage currents or scintillation on the insulator surface. With increased contamination, higher leakage currents occur on ceramic and some polymer insulators, leading to dangerous flashovers and pole fires resulting in power service interruptions. Power Services’ regular washing and maintenance schedule helps to significantly reduce the risk of flashover and costly outages. In addition, a detailed inspection report of the line or plant being washed will be provided that will note any deficiencies with recommendations for corrective action.

An alternative method to reduce costly outages is the installation of K‑Line’s high quality silicone insulators. To learn more about K‑Line’s high quality silicone insulators please visit k‑line.net.

  • Salt deposits from roadway salt application (particularly elevated roads)
  • Cement/lime- insulators located near cement plants, construction sites or rock quarries accumulate thick, crusty layers of cement/lime that when lightly wetted, trap leakage currents along the insulator/contaminant interface causing flashover
  • Dust from fertilizers, coal dust and fly ash by products
  • Defecation from large birds that roost or hunt from transmission supports
  • Chemicals- atmospheric pollution from petrochemical plants or atrial chemical (agricultural) sprays can build up causing flashover
  • Smog particles from auto and industrial emissions
  • Cooling tower effluent-under some conditions effluent can create a localized fog that can moisten dry, dirty insulators affecting performance

  • K-Line water truck with employee in bucket spraying hydro pole
  • K-Line water truck
  • K-Line employee power washing poles
  • K-Line employee power washing poles