Laboratory Services

K‑Line Laboratory Services is the independent accredited testing facility of The K‑Line Group of Companies.
The K‑Line Lab was one of the first Canadian laboratories to be certified by the North American Independent Laboratories for Protective Equipment Testing (NAIL for PET). Since 1969, the K‑Line Lab has been certifying protective equipment for The K‑Line Group as well as utilities and other contractors.

Meeting Standards

Certified technicians strictly adhere to ASTM, OSHA and CSA standards for testing and in-service care of safety equipment. For instance, our technicians follow the ASTM F1236 standard in Visual Inspection of Electrical Protective Rubber Products.

As part of K‑Line’s rigorous safety program, all technicians are certified in the proper care and testing of personal protective equipment. Additionally, the testing equipment is calibrated annually and the K‑Line Lab is inspected and re-certified every three years as per the NAIL for PET criteria. K‑Line is committed to keep our employees and customers safety with the most rigorously tested protective equipment.

  • Insulated Gloves, Sleeves, Blankets, Line Hose, Covers, and Matting
  • Hot Sticks & Live Line Tools
  • Insulated Plastic Guards
  • Insulated By-Pass Jumpers and Temporary Grounding Jumpers
  • Insulated Rubber and PVC Shielding

Replacement Of Rubber Goods

K‑Line Laboratory Services stocks a full inventory of rubber goods for both replacement and purchases. K‑Line Lab ensures all newly purchased items are certified in-house and delivered with associated test report validating inspection.

At the K‑Line Lab, a thorough two stage cleaning and disinfecting process involving a preliminary manual clean followed by a mechanical disinfection is followed to ensure rubber protective items are properly treated. Such a comprehensive process coupled with the use of environmentally friendly cleaners extends the life of the product.

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