High Voltage Support Services

K-Line offers a range of high voltage support services to our customers. Here is a summary of the services we provide
K-Line specializes in cleaning, maintaining, and painting live electrical apparatus, including insulators. Regular washing and maintenance of insulators help reduce the risk of flashovers and power interruptions caused by contamination and abnormal leakage currents.
K-Line provides a service to apply a treatment to powerline structures to increase the durability and life of the poles.
K-Line provides pole support services to customers who require temporary support for hydro poles while carrying out excavation around the pole location.
As an approved contractor for many utilities in Canada, K-Line offers assistance in the installation of high visibility cover-up. This service is beneficial for situations such as road construction, building maintenance, low visibility work, and other areas where visual indicators are needed to maintain limits of approach.
To help determine concentrations of PCBs before disposal of equipment or oil, after an accidental spill, or to help you meet in-service equipment regulations, K-Line and our team of experienced technicians, can perform PCB analysis on various sample types.
K-Line can provide a complete condition assessment and lifecycle analyses of each of our clients owned assets and provide recommendations for maintenance and/or replacement.
K-Line will assess the health and status of our clients poles to determine remaining life and provide a structural analysis report for assistance with decisions on their preventative maintenance budget.

By offering these services, K-Line Power Services aims to meet the diverse high voltage power needs of their customers, ensuring reliable and efficient power infrastructure installations, maintenance, and temporary power solutions.

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