Our Services

In the complex realm of high-voltage services, companies encounter formidable challenges related to productivity, time management, and cost management. The K-Line Group of Companies presents comprehensive solutions to tackle these hurdles. With an Insulator manufacturing division and eight specialized industry branches, K-Line adopts a unified strategy to optimize operations, resulting in enhanced efficiency and time-saving measures.

Distribution Lines

K-Line’s adept Powerline Techs maintain, build, fix utility, city, business distribution lines. Exceptional expertise.


Our Transmission Division builds/maintains national lines with skilled pros, specialized gear.


K-Line’s Substation Division provides full turnkey services, including design, materials, installation, testing, and commissioning.

High Voltage Support Services

K-Line offers diverse high voltage solutions, including installation, maintenance, and temporary options.

Distribution Design

K‑Tek Electro-Services’ Distribution Design excels in high voltage lines, substations, and distribution.


K-Comm® coordinates installations, upgrades, and collaborations with telecom partners, vendors, contractors, and regulators.

Engineering & Field Services

Power system Expert in design, commissioning, testing, substations, protection, control, retrofit.

Laboratory Services

Pioneering Canadian certification since 1969 for protective equipment and utilities.

Temporary Power

K-Line’s Temporary Power Division dominates in delivering safe, lasting power for projects.

Fleet Services

K-Line’s Fleet Services Division offers tailored utility vehicle repairs and refurbishment.

Project Management Services

K-Line offers complete turnkey services, including design, materials, installation, testing, and commissioning.


K-Line International is Canada’s top HV electrical contractor. Experts in substations, transmission lines, and empowerment.

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