K-Line’s quest for quality stems from its Core Values. K-Line recognizes that Safety, Integrity, Customer Satisfaction and Operational Excellence as well as Profitability can only be achieved through Quality. Quality fosters Employee satisfaction as well.

Through its continual improvement and change management activities over the past 50 years, K-Line delivers a high standard of work in accordance with required Scope of the work, client schedule and agreed pricing.

Success is achieved when many unique parts are carefully coordinated. Through an integrated management framework of effective planning, risk management, operation and execution of work, K-Line ensures that its Quality objectives are met.

K-Line achieves these objectives by assigning a QA/QC representative to every project. Trained Staff ensures that all materials and every component of the work fully conforms to client and industry requirements. K-Line’s Project Management Processes specify the quality management methodologies, detail the procedures, standards to which the procedures conform to as well as risk management and document controls to be used on the project.

K-Line is an ISO 9001 certified company