Health & Safety

K‑Line is built on the values of safety, quality, integrity, operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

The K-Line Group has a robust Managed Safety program that has evolved over the 50 year history of the company. It has also witnessed an evolution in the last decade as a result of our participation in the drive to Zero injuries across our industry. K-Line prides itself on the participation of its owners, executives, managers, and all employees in the health and safety program. K-Line measures the success of its health and safety program and continues to set key objectives for measuring corporate health and safety performance. For this reason, K-Line operates an Occupational Health & Safety Management System which complies with the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 and the Certificate of Recognition Program (COR). To maintain these standards our programs are audited internally and externally annually for compliance. Aligning to global standards in this regard showcases K-Line’s firm commitment to Health & Safety.

K-Line’s Health and Safety Program is led by the principles established in the Health, Safety & Environmental Policy Statement, issued each year to all employees at General Meetings. The foundation of K-Line’s Health and Safety Program is our “No-Blame Culture”, where disciplinary action related to the Health and Safety Program arises only with respect to: 1) Deliberate disregard of the rules and safety policies, and 2) Repetitive incidents involving the same individual. K-Line has been on the path to encourage the reporting of near misses (A work-related event that had the potential to cause injury or ill-health regardless of severity to a person, or damage to equipment, facilities, or materials). Each year, K-Line retrains employees on near misses and has established corporate and divisional targets for the number of near misses reported each year. K-Line tracks and trends near miss information and communicate these results to all employees at all-staff at General Meetings.