Raising the Bar

K-Line and our partners, Ampjack, are taking part in a project that is the first of its kind not only for SaskPower but for Canada as well; lifting live lines to renew infrastructure and improve safety. SaskPower released an article and 2 videos demonstrating this work. When the lines were constructed in the 60’s they were built at a standard that provided minimum ground clearance. 50 years later, this poses a problem to public safety because vehicle and equipment sizes have grown, meaning there is less equipment-to-wire clearance. This is especially true in the summer months when customer demand reaches its peak, causing the lines to heat up, expand and the lower conductor to sag creating less vertical clearance. K-Line is taking part in the solution. “Workers scurry to hook up four small jacks, one inside each leg of the tower. The jacks are then used to lift the top of the structures almost five metres or 15 feet into the air. Like clockwork, the workers raise the overhead lines that run over top of a well-travelled grid road.” The project will continue over the course of 2015, and will see the lift of 26 towers over 13 roadways. Captured below is an image of one of our K-Line employees who was featured in a SaskPower video highlighting the tower raising.

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