H.B. White Kingston Solar


H.B. White Canada Corporation


Kingston, Ontario



Project Details

The Kingston Solar Project is a 100MW solar generation facility that was built during the summer of 2015. K‑Line scope of work consisted of the installation of the 230kV substation and a 34.5kV collector distribution pole line.

The installation works at the 230kV substation included all above ground equipment and materials inclusive of a 110MVA Main Power Transformer, neutral grounding reactor, 250kV Circuit switcher, 250kV Circuit Breaker, Switchgear / Control Building, DSTAT system, arresters and insulators. K‑Line also installed the overhead collector line that totalled 20km of overhead pole lines connecting 6 zones of solar panels to the main interconnect station. Works included installation of 8 disconnect switches, 19 new poles and framing / stringing / guying for the additional circuit installed on Hydro One’s existing Joint-Use pole line that spanned over 178 wood poles.

Project Highlights

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