GREP Wind & Solar Farm


Samsung & Pattern Energy


Haldimand County, Ontario



Project Details

The Grand Renewable Energy Park is North America’s largest combined wind and solar farm, built in 2014 just south of Hagersville, in Haldimand County. The main substation comprises of a 166 MVA transformer for the wind side and 108 MVA transformer for the solar side. The stations are mirror images of one another from the control buildings to the common bus which connects to the 20km transmission line. More specifically, a switchgear building and a 34.5kV switch connecting to the transformer, and on the high voltage side, a breaker, metering equipment and a motorized disconnect switch. The solar station does feature additional equipment on the north side of the access road. There you will find the oil/water separator and the DVAR system.

K‑Line scope included engineering of the interconnect station, collector station and the transmission line, as well as the supply, installation, and testing of all major equipment and commissioning of the station pre and post energization.

Project Highlights

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