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There is strength in numbers, and it becomes even more powerful when combined as a single, effective force. The K‑Line Group of Companies is one such force.

By integrating and aligning industry-specific divisions under one powerful organization, The K‑Line Group provides complete, one-source solutions for the high voltage and related sectors.

With utilities, industrial and commercial customers, The K‑Line Group takes responsibility for every phase of a power project from initial financing and consulting through to design and construction as well as commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

The K‑Line Group of Companies has a long-standing history of excellence dating back to 1967, when public utilities first began to see the cost and time benefits associated with outsourcing high voltage projects. A preferred partner then because of its superior work and established safety record

The K‑Line Group continues to be an integral partner/service-provider offering clients a complete range of high voltage expertise. Today, as the power industry continues to reinvent itself, The K‑Line Group has become increasingly invaluable as a dependable, expert resource for on-time, on-budget, safety –driven power projects.

For The K‑Line Group’s customers, the benefits of using its complete line of services and products are substantial. Economies of scale are realized at every turn and the one-source solution means the processes are unified, which promotes efficiency, time saving and cost reductions.

A significant advantage for customers is the K‑Line Group’s vast range of project experience, encompassing all aspects of the modern high voltage industry, which allows for a seamless transfer of knowledge and associated best practices. This sharing of expertise in engineering, procurement and construction methods further empowers its customers to meet project objectives, budget restraints and restrictive time schedules.

The K‑Line Group of Companies is comprised of four companies: K‑Line Maintenance & Construction Limited, K‑Tek Electro-Services Limited, K‑Line Insulators Limited, and K‑Line International Limited. Within these four organizations are industry-specific divisions that address the engineering, design, procurement, construction, commissioning, and maintenance of high voltage power delivery systems as well as providing temporary power services for large-scale construction sites. Independent laboratory testing and complete fleet repair and refurbishing services are also available.

K-Line Maintenance & Construction has over 55 years of extensive experience in the design, construction, and commissioning of high voltage electrical power systems.

Design, procurement, construction, and maintenance of substations up to 230kV including modifications, retrofits, and upgrades of existing facilities.
Design, procurement, construction, and maintenance of overhead distribution lines in both high-density urban areas and remote locations.
Design, build, installations, maintenance, and removal of job-site specific temporary services, including transformers, substations, and overhead lines. From 100 amp to 2000 amp; 120v to 27600v.
Minor mechanical repairs and major refurbishments of utility vehicles. Certified licensed mechanics, professional paint booth and machine shop on site.
Preventative maintenance, painting, and high pressure washing of distribution equipment to improve system reliability.

Design, procurement, construction, and maintenance of transmission infrastructure.

Installation of underground utilities inclusive of fiber, telecommunication, gas, power, and water.

As a completely independent certified testing laboratory, this division offers customers a full range of testing services for personal protective equipment and live line tools.

K‑Tek Electro‑Services Limited specializes in the design, commissioning, maintenance and testing of power systems. K‑Tek is a member of the PEO and CEO and is the licensed, consulting engineering division of The K‑Line Group of Companies.

The Engineering & Design division within K‑Tek provides a full range of specialized services to support electrical utilities, as well as commercial and industrial operations with planning, analysis, and design. Additional specialties include the design of overhead and underground distribution and transmission systems, transformer station (TS) design, power system studies including load flow, short circuit, arc flash, grounding, and generator connection impact assessment studies.

K‑Tek’s Field Services division performs complete commissioning services for substations up to 230kV, protection and control implementation, testing and retrofits, as well as ongoing electrical maintenance programs. The K‑Tek team follows the OEM recommendations and NETA/ ANSI guidelines for testing, adhering to the relevant industry standards and all pertinent safety regulations. The Field Services Division also offers 24/7 emergency support for power systems.

  • Power systems studies: Co-ordination, Short Circuit Analysis, Load Flow, Equipment Evaluation, Harmonic Analysis, Grounding System Design, Feasibility Studies, Power Factor and Voltage Transient studies by implementation of engineering software
  • Troubleshooting and problem analysis
  • Design of Protection and Control schemes
  • Pole Line Design: Design of single/three-phase distribution and sub transmission lines, including rebuilds, line expansions, relocates and voltage conversions
  • Substation designs, third party attachment and make-ready designs
  • Distribution design for underground plant
  • Cost modeling and conceptual design for renewable energy
  • Tender management, design/construct, capital forecasting, project estimating/ material lists
  • Transformer testing, repairs, and oil analysis up to 230kVTransformer testing, repairs, and oil analysis up to 230kV
  • Switchgear and Circuit Breakers (air, oil, SF6, and vacuum)
  • Infra-red Thermographic Survey
  • Power Quality and Harmonic Measurements
  • Protection Relays: Microprocessor, Solid State and Electromechanical
  • Power cables: D.C. Hipot & VLF Testing
  • Lattice Structure maintenance
  • Soil Resistivity and Ground Grid Resistance measurements
  • Factory Witness testing
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Coordinate and install generators to keep critical systems running
  • Troubleshooting and repair of electrical systems

K‑Line International designs, engineers, constructs and commissions substations, transmission lines and related equipment in developing countries. K‑Line International’s skilled workforce and highly experienced, multi-lingual management work on high voltage projects all over the world, with increasing demand in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, India as well as South and Central America.

Transmission and distribution suspension/deadend, line post and station post insulators. Other products include riser support insulators, dead-end extension insulators, polymer-coated guy strains and specialty insulators for in-line switches, air-break switches, interphase spacers, railways, and live line tools. K‑Line Insulators introduced the original Universal Polymeric Line Post design. It’s uniqueness and effectiveness were quickly recognized by the industry worldwide and became endearingly called the K‑Clamp™

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