On Location With K-Line’s Trouble Truck Response Crews


hydro truck with fire truck

K-Line’s trouble truck response crews have been working closely with Toronto Hydro, responding as the “first on site” to hydro outage calls throughout the GTA. Mainly, the trouble truck crews are dispatched through Toronto Hydro, where they are required to attend the site, assess the situation and repair the outage. On this specific day, Truck 3348 was dispatched to a 1E (Emergency) Fire Call to meet and assist Toronto Fire on site at 1216 Sewells Rd in Scarborough. Upon their arrival, our crew was directed by the Fire Chief to isolate the primary feed supply (turning the power off) to the padmount transformer in the building, therefore shutting off all power to Standard Auto Wreckers. Due to safety restrictions, our crew also had to cut down secondary wires to allow the water pumping trucks to get closer to the fire scene. The crew continued to standby at the request of the Fire Chief, while the fire fighters continued to fight the fire.