K-Line Secures Oakville for 5 More Years


Oakville Hydro, the Local Distribution Company (LDC) in the town of Oakville, has re-signed a five year contract with K-Line beginning January 1st, 2014. In the final months of this calendar year the Sales team was monitoring the Oakville contract as it had a set expiry date for the end of this calendar year. K-Line assumed the current contract after the acquisition of McG Pole Line and began offering professional, knowledgeable, and safe resources to Oakville Hydro. Oakville has been very pleased with the way K-Line provides a safe, quality and productive service that assists their customers, helps rebuild their infrastructure and responds to system needs. The ability to retain a customer like Oakville Hydro works well with our GTA West neighbouring customers: Horizon Utilities Corporation and Burlington Hydro.