K-Line Responds to Ottawa Storm


On Friday September 21st, 2018, a massive EF-3 category twister rampaged through Dunrobin, Ottawa and Gatineau, Quebec, causing immense damage to homes, cars, and injuring several people. This large and intense twister was approximately half a kilometer wide, and had winds between 240 and 250 km/h. Broken trees, crumbled cars, and rubble littered once normal neighborhoods in these areas. As a result approximately, 60 buildings were destroyed in Dunrobin and more than 215 buildings destroyed in Gatineau.

About 90 minutes later from the initial twister, a slightly less powerful twister touched down in South Ottawa in Arlington Wood. This twister was categorized as an EF-2, with wind speeds between 220-230 km/h. This twister managed to destroy a vital Hydro One transmission station.

More than 800 residents got displaced and at one point 174,000 hydro customers were out of power. K-Line got the call to send in crews to help our alliance partner Hydro Ottawa and Hydro one, return power to these individuals.

K-Line sent close to 90 Powerline Technicians from Operations, alongside with Support Staff from Tools and Fleet. Starting Friday our crews worked throughout the weekend to help bring power back to those in need. Crews performed emergency work to replace critical feeders that were damaged during the storm. As shown in the photo, crews were able to rebuild 16-20 poles, along with four circuits with voltage of 44 kV in a day and a half. Once this was complete, Hydro Ottawa was able to restore power to approximately 50,000- 70,000 customers.

Hydro Ottawa CEO Bryce Conrad stated, that by the initial hit, 174,000 customers were without power, and by Sunday afternoon that number had fallen to about 70,000.

We want to thank all of our dedicated K-Line staff that worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to bring power back to these neighborhoods!