K-Line Featured in IHSA Annual Report

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In 2012, K-Line was featured in IHSA’s Annual Report due to our achievement in earning several awards. As stated in the report, “K-Line receives COR, ZeroQuest, and a President’s Award” during the 2012 IHSA Annual General Meeting. The ZeroQuest award was received in recognition of earning the Sustainability Level, the highest level, of the program. The President’s Award was received in recognition of 1.5, 1.75 & 2 million hours worked without a lost -time injury. Lastly, K-Line earned COR Certification, a national safety program accreditation in Ontario, through our demonstration of safe work practices. Congratulations K-Line employees for all your hard, and most importantly, safe work. To view a section of the 2012 IHSA Annual Report see below:

IHSA Report featuring K-Line