K-Line Awarded Rockyford Phase (H)2(O)


Rockyford Water Pipeline install

As K-Line Alberta’s Water Line crews began to see the end of the 55km water main project approaching, the notice of award for the second phase of “Rockyford” was received with many rounds of bright orange arms high fiving each other almost twenty feet below ground level as some of the final vaults were being installed on phase 1. With mobilization being a rather large undertaking for these types of projects, the K-Line crews were happy to hear they would be staying put for another 6 months or so and would be adding on an additional 26km to the existing line. K-Line’s water crews are a very experienced group; many of whom have been working together for five years or more.  As the “Water for Life” program in Alberta continues to provide funding to connect rural Albertans to much needed water services, K-Line remains focused on constantly improving our levels of experience to increase customer satisfaction and drive increased profitability for the company.  It is not often that any of the K-Line “Water Boys” make an appearance at the Lethbridge shop, as Rockyford is about 220km north of our Alberta office. However, they are an important part of our Alberta team and we are very proud of the work they do. Great job on Phase 1, and good luck with Phase 2 boys!