Investing in Women, Investing in the Future


Investing in Women, Investing in the Future

K-Line’s executive team was recognized by the EHRC for their commitment in driving values of diversity, equality, and inclusion. K-Line received the following thank you from Michelle Branigan, Chief Executive Officer of the Electricity Human Resources of Canada;

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) applauds you on your leadership in promoting the values of gender diversity, equality, and inclusion. We believe that organizations such as the K-Line Group of Companies-who take the lead in creating a culture of equality and fairness-have opened their doors to a wider pool of top talent, creating an inclusive workplace where employees feel more valued and respected. By supporting the Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity, you are encouraging other organizations to actively engage in building a workforce that is truly representative of Canada’s people.

We are pleased to share with you EHRC’s Accord compendium, which was launched at our Agents of Change conference in Toronto on November 13. The compendium was developed to highlight the stories of some of our founding signatories and to inspire others, encouraging them to move beyond talk to action. Thank you so much for being part of this story and demonstrating your commitment to equality. The Accord is more than just an investment in women-it is an investment in the future of the Canadian workforce, and an opportunity to spur innovation, deliver an even better product or service, and better engage team members and ultimately, clients. Together, we support the leaders across Canada who have made it their mission to cultivate a culture of equity and equality, embedding these principles in their organization and, being an agent of change.

Michelle Branigan

Chief Executive Officer

Electricity Human Resources Canada