Indigenous Commitment

K-Line is a family owned Canadian high voltage service provider dedicated to working with Indigenous Peoples in a meaningful way through cooperation, collaboration, and mutual respect. Our approach to Indigenous relations recognizes and respects the history, uniqueness, and diversity of all Indigenous Peoples.

To further this commitment, we have partnered with Bear Standing Tall to bring Cultural Awareness Training to all K-Line employees and to lead us through the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification program with Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

PAR is a certification program that confirms corporate performance in Indigenous relations signalling to communities that they are

Since the program’s introduction in 2001, PAR remains the premier corporate social responsibility program with an emphasis on Indigenous relations. Visit their website to learn more.

K-Line is proud to be a Committed member of this program and continues to drive this initiative through our dedicated PAR committee. Our commitment is reinforced through an action plan, communications plan, cultural training (development & implementation), expanded employment inclusion strategies, and we are working to grow stronger relationships.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with Indigenous businesses across the country. Reach out to join our journey via email at or

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