Health and Safety

K-Line Maintenance & Construction Ltd.’s Health and Safety Program aims at creating a safe working environment for its employees, customers, subcontractors, visitors, and public by implementing and maintaining a strong Health and Safety Management System. The H&S system and program support K-Line’s strong safety culture to ensure compliance with applicable legal and provincial regulations. K-Line Maintenance & Construction Ltd. strives at creating a safe working environment for all that prevents incidents and injuries and ensures compliance to all requirements.

K-Line's Health and Safety Program

K-Line Safety Culture

K-Line promotes a strong safety culture by fostering a sense of responsibility among all employees towards their own safety and the safety of others. K-Line has successfully implemented a “No Blame Culture” that embraces the possibility of workplace errors and encourages incident reporting.

ISO & COR Certified Health & Safety Management System

K-Line’s Health and Safety Management system is ISO 45001:2018 and COR certified. The certification provides assurances to all stakeholders that Health and Safety of all, is K-Line’s core objective that is managed and controlled by effective policies and procedures.

Risk Assessment and Control

K-Line conducts thorough risk assessments to identify potential hazards and implements appropriate controls to mitigate risks.

Safety Policies and Procedures

K-Line has established clear safety policies and procedures that outline expectations and guidelines for safe work practices. These policies cover various aspects such as fall protection, electrical safety, equipment operation, hazard identification and control among others.

Incident Reporting and Investigation

The company has a robust and transparent incident reporting system in place, encouraging employees to report any good catches, near misses, or safety concerns or incidents.

Safety Inspections

Regular inspections are conducted to identify potential hazards, ensure compliance with safety standards, and maintain a safe work environment. The findings of inspections are used as coaching moments to improve safety controls and to eliminate hazards by reporting and addressing deficiencies.
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