1 = Strongly Disagree    |    2 = Disagree    |    3 = Neutral    |    4 = Agree    |    5 = Strongly Agree
    A. Initial Contract or Work Negotiations

    Our representatives had a comprehensive understanding of your project or service requirements.

    Costs of the project or service were clearly communicated.

    B. Managing Safety

    Work areas were well organized and appropriate measures in place for managing worksite risks.

    When performing the work, strong attention was paid to safety procedures.

    Compliance to safety procedures and industry specific standards were evident in our work activity.

    Safety and environmental concerns were addressed in a timely manner.

    C. Billing

    We complied with your billing procedures.

    Invoices were clear and easily understood.

    D. Start of Project/Work

    Invoices were clear and easily understood.

    Invoices were clear and easily understood.

    E. Execution of Project/Work

    The work was performed with the level of quality and technical expertise you expected.

    The original scope of work was completed according to the agreed schedule.

    Site personnel offered effective solutions for issues that came up.

    Changes to the scope of work were fully understood and properly negotiated.

    If you experienced warranty concerns, were they resolved promptly?

    F. Quality/Workmanship

    Have we met your expectations?

    G. Personnel

    Personnel were courteous and professional.

    Personnel demonstrated competence while performing their work.

    H. Overall Experience

    Your concerns or inquiries were handled courteously and professionally.

    Follow-up to your inquiries were prompt and handled as you expected.

    You would be very likely to recommend K-Line to a friend or colleague.