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More About the Trades

Interested in starting or advancing your career in the skilled trades? K‑Line is the place for you!

What is an Apprenticeship?

“Apprenticeship is a form of post-secondary training that teaches the skills and competencies necessary to perform tasks to an industry standard. Apprenticeship training provides the opportunity for hands-on learning under the direction of a certified journeyperson, with the ability to earn while you learn. The training combines alternating periods of on-the-job and technical training. Technical training can occur at a college, a union training centre, through a private trainer or online. Once the apprentice has completed the required hours and/or modules for the trade, the apprentice can write a certification exam” (source: careersintrades.ca).

K-Line employee

K-Line employee

Where To Begin

Upon successful completion of your high school diploma, you can apply to several colleges who offer programs in the trades. These programs serve to provide potential apprentices with the necessary foundational knowledge and trade readiness to be successful in the future. Upon completing these pre-apprenticeship college programs you need to find a company to provide you with an apprenticeship opportunity. At this time, you can submit your resume to the K‑Line Group of Companies for consideration.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to undergo a pre-apprenticeship college program you can apply to the K‑Line Group of Companies directly out of high school. Apprenticeship programs typically last four (4) year to (5) years depending on what trade certification you are earning. In order to successfully complete the apprenticeship, you must work all the mandatory hours to fulfill the on-the-job training requirements, pass each year of apprenticeship school, and pass the relevant Provincial Qualification Exam to become a certified tradesperson.

Please note: In the province of Ontario, individuals who are currently enrolled in an apprenticeship program or are a certified tradesperson and are actively looking for new employment will be found through our local union hiring hall.


  • Powerline Technician
  • Groundman Equipment Operators
  • Utilityman
  • Welder
  • Heavy Duty Mechanic
  • Mobile Crane Operator
  • Body Shop Fabricator and Painter


  • A High School Diploma
  • Completion of a college pre-apprenticeship program is preferred
  • Experience in construction, out-door work environments, or related field is preferred
  • Experience working at heights is an asset
  • Successful completion of K‑Line’s technical assessment and skills testing
  • In Ontario, all apprentices are hired through the IBEW Local 353 hiring hall

Are we currently hiring?

When K‑Line is actively recruiting for apprentices or journeyman, we will notify candidates by posting on the Current Opportunities page on our website. If a job is not posted, then K‑Line is not recruiting at that time.

Thank you so much for your interest in K‑Line. We ask that candidates please refrain from calling to inquire about the status of your resume. Unfortunately, because of the volume of applications we receive, we are not able to give status updates. If you are invited for an interview, you will be contacted directly by the hiring manager.