An Adventure Soon Awaits- The 2014 AGMs


Do you enjoy looking for new opportunities, getting outside of your comfort zone, and exploring unchartered territories? Well, if you are adventuresome this year’s AGM promises to be a wild one! The previous year’s AGMs have continued a steady climb to being terrific events-highlighted by keynote presentations from celebrities including: Michael “Pinball” Clemons, Adam Kreek, Mike Mandel and Scott Kress. This year’s AGM has been finalized and promises to be an excellent event. With presentations updating employees on the company direction, status updates on the safety and quality management systems, and updates from the Operational Manager’s on divisional performance, capped with a keynote presentation- this year’s event will soar to new heights. With a keynote presenter described as “Absolutely Sensational” and “Spellbinding” this premier event is sure to speak to you.