A New Partnership

At the beginning of 2013, K-Line was awarded a Service Agreement with Enmax Corporation for Distribution and Transmission. Early this year, K-Line was awarded a Transmission Project in the heart of Calgary, Alberta. The scope of this project is extremely complex and consists of several components, including building a 3km 138kV line parallel to an existing line, building a green field component, crossing the Bow River and the Deer Foot Highway, as well as crossing three sets of train tracks. The use of a helicopter company will also come into play later in the project to assist in pulling the ropes in. This is a great opportunity for K-Line as Transmission Projects is an area we have not previously specialized in but with our new Transmission Division and Manager of Transmission Operations, this is an area we will be focusing more strongly on to remain the One Source Solution. To assist in ensuring this project runs smoothly, K-Line has partnered with Hooper Corporation headquartered in Wisconsin, USA. Hooper is providing assistance in training our employees on transmission projects. This project is scheduled to finish by the first week of May 2014.

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