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K-Line Group of Companies is a high voltage service provider that operates across Canada and within international markets. The Group is comprised of an Insulator manufacturing arm, K-Line Insulators, and eight industry-specific divisions together under one powerful organization. K-Line’s one-source solution means the processes are unified, which promotes efficiencies, time-saving and cost reductions.

About Us

K-Line was founded in 1967 by E. Glenn Kellett, who started with a vision to create a Canadian-owned company serving the municipal utilities market. From its humble beginnings with a single truck, K-Line expanded through innovation, strategic expansions, and a commitment to quality and safety. 

Today, K-Line is a family-owned business, led by Glenn’s sons, Mark and Allan Kellett. With over 450 employees across Canada, K-Line continues to be a prominent player in the high-voltage industry, reflecting a legacy of entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to its customers.


K-Line Services

In the intricate field of high-voltage services, organizations face challenges in efficiency, time management, and cost control. K-Line Group of Companies, with operations across Canada and internationally, addresses these issues by offering a one-source solution. Comprising an Insulator manufacturing arm and eight industry-specific divisions, K-Line’s unified approach streamlines processes, promoting efficiencies and time-saving.

By integrating various services under one umbrella, K-Line ensures seamless coordination, reducing duplication and costs. Our expertise in high-voltage projects, commitment to innovation, and understanding of market dynamics position them as a valuable partner in the industry, adept at meeting the specific needs and standards of different regions.

Featured Projects

Overhead Lines

Overhead Lines

Transformer Station

Solar & Wind Power

Today's Mission, Tomorrow's Vision


To provide exceptional value to our utility and related partners through our unwavering commitment to safety, innovation and operational excellence.


To be the premier Canadian owned utility solutions partner.


Our core values of safety, quality, integrity, operational excellence and customer satisfaction are the foundation of everything we do.

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